About Us

Welcome to our Palace.

We are a fun loving family living in Europe and traveling the world (or least it’s in the making).

It all started with a phone call....... Then everything just went WHOA!

Joey and I were married in 2001 and have four amazing children.

Joey is an IT guy currently working for the Government. He loves the comfort of his home. We can get him out of the house occasionally but it’s often a rare occasion. He has adopted a few appendages including his iPhone, MacbookPro, and iPad. We haven’t lost count yet but I’m sure there will be upgrades.

Amanda is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and an aspiring author. She loves shopping with her girls and participating in races with her son. Family, health, and crafts are her most favorite things.

Tristen (twitters), our only boy, is now 15 years old. His hobbies include teasing his sisters, getting into trouble, playing his Xbox, sports and occasionally helping out. He’s protective of his little sisters and is a great running partner.

Tanaya (NaeNae), is now 12 years old. She is our little artist. Not only is she very creative, but she is phenomenal when it comes to helping around the house, cleaning, and organizing everything, and looking after her little sisters. She’ll throw in a complaint here and there, but she’s always got my back (she’s my mommy assistant). She’s also an awesome shopping buddy.

Kahmea (MeaMoo), is now 10 years old. Little Miss Attitude. She is our gymnast. She can kill a back hand spring, fall into the Chinese splits, hold a hand stand, among many of her other gymnast abilities. With her cute little accent she can manipulate anybody. She’s also a great shopping buddy.

Kayleena (LeeLee) is now 8 years old. Our baby! She is the sweetest little thing yet rotten to the core. She’s very dramatic and is the master of all exaggerated facial expressions. She loves to sing and perform whenever she gets a chance.  LeeLee is following in her Mea's footsteps and is becoming quite the gymnast herself.

We currently reside in Vancouver, Washington and enjoy the beautiful scenery it has to offer. We love to travel and spend time together as a family.