Thursday, September 23, 2010


I’ve been anticipating the moment that I’d finally introduce everyone to my new amazing friend. He is big, attractive, and perfect in every way. He is everything a girl could ask for. Joey is very aware of this new friend of mine but I’m not sure if he realizes the seriousness of our relationship. It was love at first sight!

During these past few months my new friend has really been there for me during some rough times. You can all imagine the stresses that accompany unpacking. Not to mention the tension it creates between husband and wife when arguing over how to arrange their belongings in the new layout of their home. I’m sure you all can relate. During those heated arguments I’ve been able to turn to my friend. Joey’s not much of the “talking” type of guy and sometimes gets very annoyed when I just want to talk about nonsense. Well, my new friend makes up for this lack. When I feel like just talking and Joey has made it clear with his nonverbal gestures that he’s not interested in just “talking”, I turn to my new companion.

So say HELLO to my little friend!
Introducing Mr. Kuche
(for those of you who don't know kuche is german for kitchen)

He’s always ready and willing to listen and never talks back.

He gives resolution to my organizational problems by offering me limitless options as to where I should put something.
(please excuse my amatuer photographer MEA)

The only problem I have with my new friend is that he won’t let me slam his doors!! 

Now why would I want to slam his doors you ask?  Well how the heck can I get the message across to Joey that I’m mad by not saying a word?  GRRRRRR!!!  So now I just start slamming dishes in the sink when I'm mad:)

Mr Kuche doesn't waste any space whatsoever! 

Cabinets here...

Cabinets there...

Drawers here...

And sliding doors there.



Wasted Space...

Wasted space wa wa what?!
No way! Not here!




And now for my Fridge and Freezer

Nice eh?

:( hmmmm Not so nice

I'm definitely not too fond of my freezer.  I mean come on!  It's like three drawers for crying out loud!
We need to teach these Germans how to make freezers! 
Thank goodness for the extra fridgerator/freezer down in our storage room :)

And now for my little utiliy closet

Hooks everywhere for aprons, brooms, dust pan, mobs etc.  Not to mention the nifty little side rack for cleaning supplies. 

And just look at those spices!

These little babies come out.

I use them to store boullion cubes, food coloring, etc.

And more storage drawers under  and beside my space saving induction stove!

I'm new to the induction stove but I'm madly in love with it!!!  You know how its impossible not to get some sort of cooked-in damage to your glass-top stoves.  Well with an induction stove it's impossible to get cooked-in damage!  Seriously!  As soon as you remove your pot you can litterally put your hand on the burner in about 10 seconds without burning yourself.  No more lessons needed to be taught to my kids about hot stoves :) and no more lessons needed to be learned.  I've been converted!

Below is my dishawasher and it's handy little storage pull-out for detergent and what have you.

Cute little lazy susan

And just look at this baby!!

I absolutely can't stand those tacky dish racks.  In fact, I threw mine out years ago and started using a dish towel to drain my dishes on. But with this clever sink my dishes drain right into the sink.  I will NEVER own another type of sink again!

I just love the cute shelves.  Perfect for decor and cute little knick knacks. 

And under the sink are these cute little garbage cans. 

But as you can see I use them for cleaning supplies. 
I just can't stand the stench of old food closed up and unventilated. 

Cute little side cabinet that can be closed......

Or opened!

Open overhead cabinet storage where I try to put my more attractive dishes

And what do you know.......

No way!  More Storage!!

With built in organizers! Woo Hoo!

And check out this nifty contraption

It pulls up and out when you want to use it.

And my cute little hooks for hot pads and dish towels. 

And finally, Mr Kuche closes up when we want to be alone ;)

Last but not least, the lighting!


So there you have it my friends.  My Hot Sancho is no longer a secret.  Our relationship is out in the open! 

Thanks Joey for understanding and accepting Mr Kuche into our lives.  Wait!!  You gave him to me!  What can I say.....I'm a spoiled woman! 

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